Sofas&Seats:Our vision of comfort

The philosophy of luxury living sees comfort as the protagonist of excellence: sofas, armchairs and seats in general must ensure comfort and give character to the whole environment.
Arcahorn’s sofas and seats meet every need of comfort, without lower the level of luxury and elegance that distinguishes the brand’s mood.

The perfect balance between comfort and beauty is given by the choice of top quality materials, expertly mixed with a clean and linear design, emphasizing the shapes and enhancing the beauty of the distinctive element of the entire line, the horn. Materials such as lacquered wood, hammered leather and burnished brass gracefully combine with the infinite shades of horn inserts, never the same and therefore unique, creating furnishing elements with a strong personality. The possibility of customizing finishes and coatings allows an additional level of exclusivity, creating tailor-made elements in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The wide choice of elements explores all types of solutions: chaise longue, armchairs, sofas, poufs are the protagonists of a versatile style, attentive to details, which manages to pass over the trends of the moment and at the same time always be innovative.


Distinguished by gentle lines and plush materials, the Afrodite sofa will imbue your décor scheme with sophistication and class. Curved horn accents create an exquisite textural contrast with the upholstery, quilted with a ribbed motif on the sides and back.

ZEUS Chaise Longue

Pairing optimum sitting comfort with high-style, the Zeus chaise longue is perfect for bedrooms, studios or lounges. The design is proposed in a soft Carmen nabuk leather (cat. Luxe) in Sabbia colour, a nuance that recalls the beach sand and ensures a warm, natural feeling.