VELETTA Tissue Box Holder

The Veletta tissue box holder blends functionality and sophistication and offers an elegant solution to keep tissues within easy reach without sacrificing style. Crafted from glossy ivory lacquered wood, Veletta stands out for its refined detailing in natural horn and chromed brass. The discreet elegance and intrinsic functionality of Veletta make it the perfect accessory to enhance and complete the decor of any space. Whether it is placed in the bathroom, bedroom, or any other environment, the Veletta tissue box holder will add a touch of class and practicality, transforming a simple daily gesture into a stylish experience.

Designer: Arcahorn

Mod. 2429

Tissue box holder in wood with lacquered ivory gloss finish. Detail in horn and chromed brass.

Overall dimensions: cm 26 x 14 x H cm 7

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Available in: 30 days

Colours and shades of horn processed by Arcahorn are unique and due to the natural origin of raw material.
For this reason horn tones that can be seen in pictures are indicative and can not be reproduced in finished products.

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