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LAGUNA Sculpture

A tribute to the stunning beauty of nature, the Laguna sculpture gives a new life to natural materials of different origin. Boasting a polished horn of impressive dimensions, this sculpture is a masterpiece available in limited quantity.

Sculptures - Laguna sculpture in horn and Venetian canal wood - ambiance picture - Arcahorn
Sculptures - Laguna sculpture in horn and Venetian canal wood - detail - Arcahorn

Additional allure is bestowed by its base crafted from Briccola wood, the typical mooring posts recovered from Venetian lagoon. Sculpted by the sea and by the march of time, this wood is given a distinctive sign by the shellfish, little mollusks living in the lagoon which create unrepeatable holes in the wood as a sign of their passage. A translucent transparent resin protects the beauty of the wood while hand shaped 24K gold plated brass details complete the design.


Designer: A. Andreucci

Mod. 1615

Horn sculpture. Base with sections of Venetian canal wood inside translucent transparent resin. Hand shaped 24K gold plated brass detailing.

Overall dimensions: cm 85/90 x 19 x variable H from cm 40 to cm 45

Out of stock

Available in: 1 unit available in approx. 15 days

Colours and shades of horn processed by Arcahorn are unique and due to the natural origin of raw material.
For this reason horn tones that can be seen in pictures are indicative and can not be reproduced in finished products.

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