Shipping and delivery terms

Shipping charges for CEE and EXTRA CEE Countries are not included in the prices of Arcahorn pieces. When the Seller country and the Buyer country are different, additional customs duties may apply at the time of delivery. Duties are at Customers’ charge. Since customs policies vary considerably from Country to Country, Clients are kindly advised to contact their Country Customs Agency in order to verify if any ancillary tax or duty shall apply.

Deliveries shall be made at the postal address provided by Clients when performing the purchase procedure. Therefore, Clients are responsible for the address provided. Sellers shall not be liable for any mistakes related to shipments or wrong delivery of products, due to mistaken or incomplete information provided by Clients when filling in their Purchase Orders.

Deliveries are made by means of the most appropriate Courier Service related to the type of goods and shipping area.

Clients hereby acknowledge and accept that products included in the purchase order may require different production times. In that case a single shipment will be made, therefore longer production times are to be considered valid.

Deliveries shall always be carried out from Monday to Friday between 08:00 am and 06:00 pm. The Carrier shall try to deliver the goods once (twice for international shipments) at the address provided by the Client. Should the Client be absent the first time, the Carrier shall leave a notice stating the first delivery attempt (the second one for international shipments) at the indicated address. Should the delivery attempt fail, the Carrier shall contact Arcahorn in order to arrange the following activity. Products shall be kept at the Carrier’s facilities for 5 calendar days for free.

Unless otherwise specified, Arcahorn shipping policy provides delivery at street level and does not provide product installation services. All exceptions shall be negotiated before the purchase.

Products can only be delivered to the Client or to a person bearing full confidence of the buyer and acting as Consignee on his behalf. The Client or the Consignee shall check that packaging is pristine and clean at delivery time and that the products received coincide with the ones listed in the relevant purchase order.

Should the Client or the Consignee find that products have visible defects, such as wrong number of packages or lack of integrity of packaging, the Client or the Consignee shall immediately notify this in writing in the shipment documents provided by the Carrier. Moreover, the Client or Consignee shall contact Arcahorn within 8 days from the delivery date, by email at [email protected] or by phone: +39 071 7500737.

The risk of loss or damage for reasons not attributable to the Seller is transferred to the Client when the Client, or a third party designated by the Client and other than the Carrier, physically comes into possession of the goods.

In case of delays in deliveries or non-delivery, the Client shall contact Arcahorn by email at [email protected] or by phone: +39 071 7500737. The Seller shall get back to the Client within 3 working days.

The Seller shall not be deemed liable for any delays in shipment or deliveries due to: national or local bank holidays, strikes, riots, natural disasters, accidents, theft or robbery.

Any delivery delay within 30 days does not entitle the Client to refuse the delivery of the products, nor to claim for any sort of compensation or indemnity.


Manufacturers are liable for all flaws becoming visible within 2 years from the delivery date of the relevant product.

Clients shall only be able to access their warranty when they have their proof of purchase available.

The Consumer should advise the Manufacturer of any flaws found in the purchased item within the guarantee period. Clients shall contact Arcahorn by email at [email protected] or by phone: +39 071 7500737 in order to exercise their warranty. As soon as the information is communicated to the Manufacturer, the Consumer shall be entitled to have the item repaired or replaced.

The guarantee shall not be applicable to products that have been repaired, modified or in any way changed by the User. By the same principle, the guarantee shall not be applicable to any malfunctions, flaws and damages caused by incidents or due to responsibility of the User, or when the product has been used for a different purpose than the one indicated by the Manufacturer.

Product claims

Should the Client find that there are problems with the products received, he/she has the right to contact Arcahorn within 8 days from delivery, in order to advise any discrepancies with the order, may these be wrong items, damaged items, defective items or items with missing parts. Goods returns must be authorized by Arcahorn. In order to ask for the authorization, the Client should contact us by email at [email protected] specifying the invoice number, the item to return, the reason and attaching pictures of defective goods and packaging.

Since the natural origin of horn processed by Arcahorn, colors and shades on each product are unique and cannot be reproduced. For this reason is not possible to choose them in case of order and no claims for horn color and shades will be accepted. Due to the natural origin of materials used, they may present imperfections; these are not considered defects, but characteristics that prove their authenticity.

When a product is returned, it is the Client’s responsibility to pack the item and all its parts correctly, inside the original packaging material. In case of defective goods, all expenses linked to returning and replacing a product shall be borne by the Seller. Arcahorn will contact the Customer within 3 working days and will provide every detail for the return of the products purchased. A confirmation will be sent by email with the Goods Return Authorization, with the instructions to be followed to send the goods back, with particular reference to the destination of the return and the wording to be affixed to the packaging as well as the details of Courier in charge for the pick-up.

Authorized returns must be shipped from the same country where the original order was delivered. Arcahorn reserves the right to reject returns which are not authorized, or which do not comply with all the above conditions.

The return of the defective goods involves the repair or the replacement of goods. The repairing or replacement product manufacturing process and its shipment shall start upon reception of the returned product. Replacing or repairing a product or a part of it may require the same or longer shipment and delivery time indicated in the relevant purchase order.