EGON Chaise Longue

The Egon chaise longue contrasts the rigidity of its structure with the softness of the seat cushion. Its armests are covered in Aida pebbled leather, Onyx color while the seat cushion is upholstered in Xylophone virgin wool fabric (cat. A), proposed in a pure Polar White colour. The padding in multi-density polyurethane foam and goose down ensures maximum comfort and resistance.

Resting on the armrests are two practical elements funtioning as tops which are handcrafed from glossy black lacquered wood and natural horn. The variegated tones of horn create a timeless decorative pattern that captures the attention and gives character to the chaise longue. The design is completed by two comfortable bolster pillows that invite you to relax. Both cushions are proposed in Grand Natté fabric (cat. A), white color and are embellished by horn details and by a trimming in pebbled leather, Onyx colour with ivory handmade stitching.

The base is in black lacquered wood with matte finish. The upholstery of the Egon chaise longue can be customized in a rich range of selected leathers, velvets and fabrics allowing for exclusive configurations.

Designer: Filippo Dini

Mod. 4405A

Chaise longue upholstered in Xylophone fabric (cat. A), Polar White colour. Armrests upholstered in Aida pebbled leather, Onyx colour with armtables in horn and wood with lacquered black gloss finish. Base in black lacquered wood with matte finish. N. 2 decorative cushions in Grand Natté fabric (cat. A), bianco colour with horn inlays and details in Aida pebbled leather, Onyx colour with handmade ivory stitching. Multi-density expanded polyurethane foam and goose down padding. Decorative cushions padded with multi-density expanded polyurethane foam.

Overall dimensions: cm 250 x 89 x H cm 60

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Available in: 90 days

Colours and shades of horn processed by Arcahorn are unique and due to the natural origin of raw material.
For this reason horn tones that can be seen in pictures are indicative and can not be reproduced in finished products.

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    Cat. A+ Splendido Splendente Alabastro Lamina Argento, Cat. A+ Splendido Splendente White Lamina Oro, Cat. A+ Splendido Splendente Fango Lamina Oro, Cat. A+ Splendido Splendente Lago Lamina Oro, Cat. A – Splendido Perla, Cat. A – Splendido Silver, Cat. A – Splendido Gold, Cat. A – Splendido Fango, Cat. A – Splendido Lago, Cat. A – Grand Natté Bianco, Cat. B – Belsuede Avorio, Cat. B – Belsuede Perla, Cat. B – Belsuede Ostrica, Cat. B – Belsuede Dune, Cat. B – Belsuede Amande, Cat. B – Belsuede Notte, Cat. B – Belsuede Ardoise, Cat. B – Samsara Poudre, Cat. B – Samsara Coco, Cat. B – Samsara Carbone, Cat. B – Sparks White, Cat. B – Sparks Perla, Cat. B – Sun Bear Ardesia, Cat. B – Marilù Black Ivory, Cat. C – Diso Naturale Scuro, Cat. C – Diso Olio, Cat. C – Diso Deserto, Cat. C – Diso Grafite, Cat. C – Vello d’oro Avorio, Cat. C – Vello d’oro Legno, Cat. C – Vello d’oro Argilla, Cat. C – Vello d’oro Nero, Cat. C – Bouclé Bianco, Cat. D – Lario Panna, Cat. D – Lario Cammello, Cat. D – Lario Bronzo, Cat. D – Lario Tortora, Cat. D – Lario Blu Notte, Cat. D – Lario Antracite, Cat. D – Lario Rosso, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Conchiglia, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Seppia, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Marrone, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Grigio, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Orione, Cat. Luxe – Carmen Oceano, Cat. Super – Tosca Latte, Cat. Super – Tosca Earth, Cat. Super – Tosca Wood, Cat. Super – Tosca Dark Brown, Cat. Super – Tosca Black, Cat. Super – Tosca Avio

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