Accessories & Gift

From tableware to office sets, Arcahorn accessories include a wide selection of luxury objects for the whole house and for various occasions, capable of bringing a refined and exclusive atmosphere into the environment.
Perfect as a gift idea or to give a luxury touch to your home, Arcahorn accessories are divided into different categories, that share the signature mark of the brand, the zebu horn, which gives each object a unique and timeless charm.

Each element is made up of hand-crafted horn inserts, that are usually paired with selected leathers, saddle stitches, elegant wood veneers and contemporary metal components.

The peculiarity of Arcahorn accessories is their uniqueness. Frames, boxes, tableware tools, gaming tables, ashtrays: each object is different from the other thanks to the unique streaks of zebu horn, and will bring inimitable beauty to any interior.

NELSON Chess Set

A contemporary interpretation of the iconic game of chess, our Nelson chess set will delight generations of players or collectors.

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IRIS Bath Set

Minimalist yet decorative, the Iris bath set is a must have complement to an elegant bathroom. Crafted of glossy ebony, the sleek design is embellished by unique horn inlays, boasting dreamy hues.

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