Bookcases and Cabinets

an elegant and functional solution

Furnishing a house in a functional way allows you to amplify the space and make the most of every corner. Arcahorn bookcases and containers will be an exquisite addition to any area of the house. Made with precious materials and handcrafted by expert craftsmen, they offer a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Precious woods are combined with Zebu horn details and metal finishes to give a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the house.

The bookcases can be placed at the center of the room or leaned against the wall, and are perfect for organizing and storing books, but also for displaying decorative objects and dividing spaces in a suggestive way. The cabinets are ideal for storing everyday objects and help keeping the house in order thanks to functional accessories such as glass holders, bottle holders, shelves and compartments.

The original and unique design of Arcahorn furniture guarantees quality and style for all contemporary homes.