Boxes and picture frames

A luxury home deserves décor pieces that reflect the exclusivity and the sophistication of the whole environment. Arcahorn range of boxes and frames is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and material selection that characterizes the italian artisan tradition and heritage.
These exclusive decorative objects combine style and functionality in a way that never goes unnoticed, adding an unique touch of elegance to any ambience.

Our selection of luxury boxes is designed to hold small and precious items in a refined way. Their details demonstrate an acute attention to every aspect of the manufacturing: from the selection of the most prized materials to the intricate processing of zebu horn.
The collection also includes elegant picture frames, which are exclusive artworks to display your cherished memories. Each frame is unique, and it’s given a new flair thanks to the horn nuances which­­ are never the same by nature.

Whether you are looking to gift someone special or enhance your own spaces, Arcahorn creations offer an exceptional and unmistakable choice.